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Talent specializes in button making machine and button making supplies. Since 1999, Talent is dedicated to producing button making machines and related button making supplies in quality, value, service and innovations. 
At Talent, one of our greatest strength is our knowledge and experience in button making. Talent produces interchangeable mold machine-body button making machines. With Talent’s very own interchangeable mold button making machines, we insure the ability of our users to customize button shapes to be oval, rectangle, shield - shaped, pentagon, heart etc. 42 different shapes and sizes with multiple backing options such as button stands, coin boxes, bottle and soda can openers, mirrors, LED signs and even clocks. Talent’s products are serving customers in nearly 130 countries worldwide.
Talent holds 18 patents on the products and designs. And we continue to introduce 20 to 30 new products every year!
Talent can offer OEM and ODM services. We utilize an in-house research and development team dedicated in leading the way to creating button making tools that will make your button making dreams come true.